“I have been working out with Zak Schulps since August 2009. Thanks to his guidance my bones are staying strong and as a result, I was able to stop taking medicine for osteoporosis. His knowledge of physiology has helped me keep my body limber and strong.”
– A.C.

“Sixteen years ago I met Zak Schulps when I was struggling from lung cancer and COPD. At that time I had 41% oxygen capacity but after a year with Zak I was at 81% oxygen capacity. Zak has increased my strength and flexibility a lot. I could see (at 80 years old) that I was going to be able to maintain my house and live by myself. I knew exercise would help me but I needed the aid of a professional to guide me. I had the good fortune to find the right person to help me and now I am more fit and stronger than I have ever been.”
– Suzanne Hester

“My exercise experiences in the past had been hit or miss with a variety of personal trainers. Things changed when I started working out with Zak Schulps. Thanks to his twenty plus years experience as a fitness trainer I’m in the best shape of my life and seeing results!! Zak gives all his clients the personal attention they need to reach their goals.”
– Janis J.

“Before training with Zak, I had to given up exercise because my joints began to hurt so badly, I realized I needed to make a change. I started a new exercise program with Zak Schulps at YPT. His 20+ years of experience is just what I needed! His professional guidance ensures correct technique, good body mechanics and posture. The difference in my body and energy level is noticeable…AND my joints don’t hurt!”
-Jacquie B.

“As I was turning 55, I set a personal goal to improve the strength and fitness of my body. After sharing my goals with Zak, he set up my biweekly sessions to meet my goals. One year later I am stronger, feel better mentally and physically and I attribute my fitness confidence to Zak’s expertise in fitness and knowledge of the body. His enthusiasm for physical training is infectious. I haven’t missed a session since starting one year ago, why would I? The studio is a great place to be; with a great workout family!”
- Gayle